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                                    Terms & condition of loyalty card


  • California pizza loyalty points will be earned as follows:  for every rs. 100 you spend you will earn 5 points. Each point is worth rs. 1.
  • The card is not transferable, neither the points earned on this card can be transferred to any other card, its redeemable & not exchangeable for cash
  • A card holder can redeem his points at any California pizza outlets.
  • Any liability arising due to card loss, fraud, misuse or otherwise, would render the card-holder liable for all losses and California pizza reserves the right in such cases to cancel, rescind or refuse to credit points.
  • California pizza is entitled at any time & without any prior notice or liability
  • The card is magnetically encoded. Please do not bend your card, expose it too strong magnetic fields or direct heat or keep it in direct contact with other magnetically striped cards. Doing so may destroy the encoded information & render it unusable when being swiped through the orix point-of-sale terminals.
  • For details or to report theft or loss call California pizza customer helpline: 021-34940026 or


             The card will be delivered to the customer within 4 weeks of receipt of the completed application form.


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