About Us

Serving great food to great people.


California pizza started with vision in 2012 Karachi, Pakistan to serve a pizza with its unique personality and to later on defined California Pizza and made its way prominent in Town for serving the best pizzas. Now California pizza is serving through 12 branches in Karachi & Lahore and not stopping in growing their way to the top.


As our tagline says, “Bigger size better taste “its our main focus that makes California pizza separate from all the pizza serving restaurants in Karachi & Lahore at reasonable prices and providing halal ingredients and good taste.

Our mission is to serve not just a large pizza but also a pizza with Taste and Quality.

 California does not tolerate room for inefficiency as we take our Quality score and Services very seriously; our primary goal is the taste and freshness of food.

Our uniqueness is the size of the pizza that is provided in various sizes from

6”, 10”, 14”&16”.


Our goal is to keep moving forward. Our team is dedicated to serve the best of the best pizza to our customers, In coming years California will continue to serve and experiment its way to creating diverse flavor’s for our customers to enjoy. As California plan is to expand in different towns of Pakistan.  

Serving great food to great people.

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